Why Voice Search Will Dominate 2020 And Other Product Predictions

The industry is predicting that 2020 is the year when voice search will truly explode.

Now and again we have the privilege of sitting down with some of the most highly regarded (and our favourite) innovators to gain their thoughts about the NEXT BIG THING!

Recently we asked Christine Garofoli, director of Experience Design and Corporate Strategy at Kaiser Permanente, to share with us what’s important in 2020 for anyone in the product design and UX space….

What is the most important product design and UX development of 2020 and why? 

“The industry is predicting that 2020 is the year when voice search will truly explode. In fact, about half of the searches will be voice based this year. However, we are far from authentic, natural conversations. I am hoping that UX will lead the way to make it more natural and easy for people to use voice search to get things done.”

What are your top 5 UX product design predictions for 2020?

“My top 5 UX product design predictions for this year are:

#1 “Voice searches are going to snowball as the new decade begins”

#2 “More interfaces in more places is going to be key in 2020. It is not enough to only think about your website or app. Users are expecting a seamless integration across digital touchpoints such as wearables, car dashboards, and appliances. Focusing on the ecosystem is crucial.”

#3 “Inclusive design will become the norm. More and more UX teams are building accessibility into their design rather than considering inclusive design as an afterthought or simply a legal compliance.”

#4 “AR and VR solutions will become even more prominent in 2020. In fact, Gartner says that about 46% of retailers plan to include AR (Augmented Reality) or VR (Virtual Reality) into their shopping experience in 2020. We have an opportunity to look for ways to leverage this technology, especially AR, to merge elements of the real world and those of the virtual and digital experience.”

#5 “Minimalistic design will be adopted by more and more brands. This goes beyond aesthetics and being just a stylistic choice. Google rewards homepages which have better loading times and a higher compatibility with mobile with top search results and having a minimalistic homepage can help achieve this. This trend looks likely to continue in 2020.”

How will technology advancements affect customers in 2020?

“More and more retailers are planning to integrate AR and VR in their shopping experience in 2020. This will give consumers the opportunity to merge parts of the real world with those of the virtual and digital experience. What is more, things are truly going to take off once mobile devices have more AR and VR technology built in.”

“These are exciting times and I am curious myself to see what's going to happen. Consumer needs and behaviours are always changing and technology and trends are continuously trying to catch up."

One thing that is for certain, however, is that taking the time to truly listen and understand your customers will remain pivotal for any company which wants to succeed in 2020.

How do you think personalisation is going to change product development and UX in 2020?

“In 2020, we will see personalisation raised to a new standard and it will be all fuelled by advances in AI. The emphasis will be more on true, individual personalisation, instead of the pool, aggregated personalisation we have right now.”

What would be the most valuable book you would recommend for people to read in 2020?


“I am intrigued by Mike Monteiro’s book “Ruined by Design: How Designers Destroyed the World, and What We Can Do to Fix It”. In a nutshell, it is a call to action for designers to be more responsible and think about the potential benefits and the harm of their design. It’s definitely controversial but the author does provide tools to help make better decisions in design.”

So guys, there you have it! Hop on those 2020 trends if you want to stay ahead of the game. Let us know which prediction was your favourite or even better give us your predictions in the comments below!

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