Climate Crisis, Fake News and Other Trends Product Owners and Designers Need to Know About in 2020.

We interviewed Thomas Fischer - the Lead Knowledge Activist in BCG Digital Ventures, a subsidiary of Boston Consulting Group.

Who doesn’t want to know what the future will bring? Here at AJ&Smart we can’t see into the future (not yet anyway!) but we interviewed people we admire most in the innovation field to pick their brains about UX trends in 2020. We interviewed Thomas Fischer - the Lead Knowledge Activist in BCG Digital Ventures, a subsidiary of Boston Consulting Group. And here is all he had to tell us about UX, product design and tech advancements in 2020!

What is the most important product design and UX development of 2020 and why?

The climate crisis is omnipresent in the media nowadays and I believe this will be one of the biggest influencing factors in product design and UX development this year. Designers will be more conscious about the products they chose to work on and might even speak against certain business decisions."

Simply put, climate dimensions and consequences will be a huge factor for product owners and designers in 2020.


“For example, I recently stumbled upon a uniquely insightful online calculator which demonstrates the biggest impact levers on global warming. It is user interface design at its best, making the invisible visible! It also educates people so that they can have a more informed discussion about global warming.”

What are your top UX product design predictions for 2020?

There is a lot of noise around fake news and deep fakes, so I think product design will go the extra mile to reassure people that they are getting true news and real facts.


My second prediction is that we will see a boom in tools, products and platforms which enable people to save time. For example, Figma is mashing up and integrating various features from different tools and is leaving Photoshop in the dust. It is helping both engineers and designers save time and effort. In fact, I see a lot of asset, methodology and template libraries continue popping up in 2020, complementing the efficiency gains on the tool side with knowledge gains and acceleration methods on the content and creation side.”

How will technology advancements affect customers in 2020?

“Well, we see a lot of tech trends which were touted as the next big thing but they never reached their full potential. For example, Blockchain was massive in the media a few years back but your average Joe never really got into it. It silently evolves in the B2B world and gains traction much slower than intended. It will be the same with AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) in 2020 - they might be great for industrial applications and gaming, but other than that, it is not yet the predicted mass phenomenon."

This is why designers should have a solid and up-to-date understanding of the potential new technologies can bring, but also always have a healthy dose of doubt about it and understand the challenges which surround it.

How are privacy and personalisation going to change product development and UX in 2020?

“I think there are currently many privacy rules developers and venture teams need to follow. All these multiple feedback cycles with data protection and legal teams tend to slow down product development and speed overall."

Unfortunately, I think there will be even more new regulations which will add workload to innovation teams and make launching cutting edge products and services that much harder.


In terms of personalisation, there is a lot of opportunity there, especially on a software level. Digital products and services will start using more and more automated individualisation. A simple yet powerful example that comes to my mind is dark mode kicking in when daylight changes. It is a prime example of technology working in my favour without any need of interaction from my side and I personally love it!”

Let us know which prediction was your favourite or even better let us know in the comments below what hot new trends YOU think will be big this year!


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